Thursday evenings @ The Heene
We have weekly meetings, so please see website for dates -
Alternatively, please contact Jan Sheward on 07957 829505 or 01903 779 880
Cancer United' is a local support group for everyone in the community whose lives have been touched by cancer - patients, family and friends.
Cancer can sometimes cause you to feel isolated and alone. It can make you believe that no one understands you. After treatment, lots of people worry that the cancer might come back.
Some people feel they have to be brave all of the time. Often there are questions that you want to ask, but don't dare to! Sometimes, a second opinion might be the best way forward.
Looking after someone with cancer can be a very emotional experience If any of the above is how you feel, then please contact us, so that we can tell you all about 'Cancer United' and how we can help YOU. We are here for you, so please join us.
We share out lives with cancer, and we've learnt to get along its not a guest we would choose, but it's taught us to be strong, And every day that passes, we gather friends along the way. We may have cancer in our lives, but we're living for today!"