Thursday evenings at Heene Community Centre offer you a variety of Yoga classes with Anja ( All classes are open and suitable for EVERYONE to join.


Anja image 1No pre-Yoga-experience needed. In her Yoga classes, Anja puts a lot of emphasis on making each and every class accessible for everybody. Offering different levels to her students, showing different stages on how to move through a class so it becomes your own unique and funpractice.

6pm - 7pm ~ Yoga For Beginners

Anja will be taking up your Yoga practice with you. How exciting! This session will teach you the very basics of Yoga as well as leading you through a Hatha/Vinyasa based Yoga sequence.Anja image 2

This class focuses on linking movement with breath as well as looks into your anatomy and alignment. You will be learning how to move & progress fluidly from simple to more complex asanas (postures). No pre-Yoga-experience needed! This is made for Yoga-Newbies:).

7:15pm - 8:15pm ~ Restorative (Yin) Yoga 

In this class postures will be held for an extended period of time (2-5 Minutes). This allows our body to soften and relax into different shapes, improves flexibility, releases tension, improves joint mobility and reduces stress & anxiety. Suitable for all levels. No pre-Yoga-experience needed!

8:30pm - 9pm ~ Freedom Yoga 

This is a donation based half an hour drop-in session that will be left open to evolve and sum up our day. It could be held as an educational half an hour talking & sharing session or focused on Yoga asanas. It’s solely there for you to find your flow and freedom to seal off your day.

About Anja
Hi there, nice to virtually meet you!Anja Image 3

My name is Anja.  I’m a passionate Body-worker & Yoga teacher, fascinated by our mind & body connection, by how we are all different in our own unique ways. I would love to work with you and to join you on your unique journey!

Besides offering Massage treatments, I teach Vinyasa style FLOW classes, restorative YIN YOGA classes, POWER Yoga as well as MEDITATION & Yoga Nidra based sessions.

“Tune inward, create Flow within your Breath, Flow within your Movement and through that more Flow within your Life.”