Pop Songs and Signing for babies
Tuesday afternoon sessions:- 
1.15pm - 2pm  (Baby-Sitting)
2.15pm - 3pm  (Crawling - Toddling)
3.15pm - 4pm  (Toddler Disco)
At Heene Community Centre
Come along to this weekly drop in group and learn some Makaton signs to support your little one's development of language and communication. Singing is a great way to learn signs, and this group will have some songs for everyone! Gesture usually comes more easily than talking, which is why signs can often be used as a stepping stone to spoken language.

I am passionate about the development of communication skills so will aim to include some tips for talking as well as having a blast with the songs for signing. 

We'll cover some key weekly functional signs (from stages 1 and 2 Makaton Core vocabulary) and signing techniques as well as singing and signing along to some classic pop, rock numbers to cover lots more! Don't feel you have to commit to a block of sessions. Come to as many as you can, have some fun and pick up what you can. 

Suitable for babies and toddlers. 

The drop in cost is £3 and includes a cuppa and a biscuit for the grown ups.

I also run Makaton for Beginners workshops (2 day course). For more information about Makaton, visit www.makaton.org. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/207307070043231/

I look forward to signing with you soon!

New Mum, Speech and Language Therapist & Makaton Regional Tutor