NEW CLASS starting Tuesday 18th September  @ 10.10am - 10.50am

Hello and Thank you for your interest! Wannado specialise in Authentic Streetdance styles including: HIPHOP, POPPIN, LOCKIN, BREAKIN and HOUSE

My big ethos is geared around Positive energy and attitudes, supportive community of enthusiastic and passionate friends, celebration of self expression and individuality, and FUN!

Our classes run 38 weeks of the year, and payments are spread across the year with a monthly Direct Debit of £18pm.

Our new HIPHOP TOTS class is located at the Heene Community Centre.

A fun and friendly HIPHOP TOTS classes, are for Pre School aged Children, 3-5.

With the support of our fully qualified, DBS checked and insured teachers, as well as our fantastic and enthusiastic assistants, your tot will learn techniques and moves, to improve basic but authentic Street dance skills, confidence and fitness.

This class enthusiastically delivers an energetic and inspiring class of Freestyle dance, Streetdance foundations and Funky games to get your little monsters moving with style!

This class is FUN, sociable, and expressive, offering a safe and professional space to express your child's individuality and style!

Your child can progress into our highly acclaimed Authentic Streetdance Academy at school age, where they can continue their Authentic Streetdance journey!

Term dates: WE DO NOT RUN IN HALF TERMS (Week of…)

Autumn Term: 18/9/18 - 17/12/18 (14 Weeks)

Spring Term: 7/1/19 - 1/4/19 (13 weeks)

Summer Term: 22/4/19 - 22/7/19 (14 weeks)


Where is it?

Heene Community Centre, Worthing.

When Is It?

Tuesdays Term Time: 10.10am-10.50am.

How much is it?

You can have 2 trial sessions at £3 per session. To then sign up, you must pay a £20 registration fee which includes a free Tshirt, and sign up for the monthly Direct Debit of £18pm. This works out at £5 per session.

Is the course good value for money?

An average tots drop in class in Worthing is £5. we think we offer a competitive rate for such a fun class.

Is this a Drop off and Go class?

Yes. You may go and grab a coffee in the wonderful in house cafe.

My child is shy, can I just sit and watch in the corner?

No. We usually find this hinders their experience, and restricts their commitment to the class.

Will I have to fill in a sign up form?

Yes. For health and safety, and insurance purposes, you will be asked to fill in a form if it is your child’s first time.

Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Yes. This class is for ages 3-5.

What can I bring into the event?

Water is advised. You are responsible for your own possessions, and so bring them at your own risk.

What shall they wear to the event?

Comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for exercise should be worn. No jewellery is advised.

Can my older children attend the session?

No. extra children must be paid for. The class is aimed at 3-5 year olds.

Who will be leading the classes?

Kerry will be teaching the classes. She is a professional, authentic Streetdance specialist, who has over a decade of teaching experience for all ages. She is one of the very few, fully qualified, government accredited Streetdance teachers in the UK, who takes her own personal development as a credible Street dancer just as seriously as her ability to teach it. Not only will she teach you some funky moves and grooves, she will do it with a big smile on her face (unless it’s time to do the stern gangster Street dance face!) Kerry is extremely passionate on building a family of Funky monkeys, who remain inspired to continue their Street dance journey.

How can I contact the organiser with any questions?

You can email Kerry at What if my child has any medical conditions or injuries? It is up to you to inform the teacher of any medical conditions they might have. If such information is not disclosed, it is a your own risk should you child participate. Please consult your GP for any advise, and If appropriate, a letter from your GP maybe required to join the class.