Stuck in a Miserable Cycle of Dieting?
Want to be Healthier and Fitter?
Want to Succeed and Achieve Long Term Results?
Weight Loss Strategies That Work?

Break that cycle and create a lasting change
It’s not about counting calories. It’s not a strict diet and it’s not a quick fix.
It’s about reconditioning your mindset and re-connecting with your body through proper nutrition.
Make that decision today to maximize your potential and focus on where you want to be.

Reserve your place today on Lenka’s informative and interactive nutrition talk.
Don’t just read about it, put it all into action!

Monday 13th January 2020, 6.30pm to 8.30pm.
In the Tennyson Room

What will this talk cover?
• Fad diets and diet cycle
• Gut health and probiotics
• Planning your meals
• Food addiction
• 15 tips to stay on track
• Supplements
• Q & A
• Special Offers

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Or contact Lenka on 07895 419138 for more information. 
Venue: Heene Community Centre, 122 Heene Road, Worthing. BN11 4PL