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Every Thursday 10am-3pm  
Evert Tuesday 10am - 3pm (from 1st June 2021)
Lovejoy Centre offers a day service to provide a high standard of affordable, qualitative, stimulative person centred engaging activity sessions for older people in the community.
Our philosophy is to provide a service of the highest standard which meets the individual needs of each client we engage with. Their wishes and individuality are respected and given the utmost consideration when our activity sessions are designed. This helps us to promote individuality with dignity.

We respect the views of our clients and provide an environment that is fun and safe and allows a person to express themselves through engaging activities tailored around them.

Ann Marie Lovejoy and her staff who facilitates the day service have over ten years
experience providing activities and Ann Marie herself having been a former care home manager understands people's needs.

What we offer Dementia Friendly Environment:
Social interaction
Tea and Cake
Two Course Hot Lunch
Arts and Craft
Musical Bingo
Magic Table sessions
Pet Therapy
And lots more...

For more information, please contact Ann Marie Lovejoy to book in advance 
Telephone: 01903 236814