Body Breath Balance

Body Breath Balance 

New term starting on 3rd January 2023

Tuesdays  1:30 – 2:30  Byron Room


Rehabilitative In Movement

Rehabilitative and preventive class, gentle yet highly effective exercise to improve what you’ve got, regain what you have lost and prevent what you don.t want!

This class teaches the foundations of all movement, working each articulation of the body separately in order to bring them together in harmony.

Conscious relaxation in movement is of equal importance bringing a clarity and confidence to what the body & the breath needs to do with each articulation.  

General benefits:

*  Breathing capacity improved

*  Spine mobility

*  Strength & stamina

*  Agility

*  Balance

*  Coordination

*  Free movement

*  Centre of gravity

*  Standing posture

*  Walking posture

*  Feels great to do


Classes start from £10.00 each, when booked in advance

07833 053985