Body Breath Balance

Body Breath Balance is a unique and enjoyable method of exercise that brings body conditioning and awareness together for ease of movement through life. You will soon start to feel strong in balance and motion, leading to greatly improved posture, co-ordination and balance. It takes time to master the exercises as we bring breath and body together, conditioning each body part in movement and in isolation.

What to expect – Music accompanies each exercise improving natural rhythm and timing creating an opportunity to subtly improve characterisation and expression. Clear explanations and time to master each exercise bringing feelings of great accomplishment and joy! In class we work on ourselves but together we create a supporting community in class. 

Core elements at basic level Foot strength is key in this method, providing spring and an even smooth gait, improving walking and running posture. A supple yet strong spine and opposition movements are equally as important for a strong core for freedom and enjoyment in motion, opening up the opportunity for movement that is more expressive, exciting and fulfilling. There are specific breathing exercises but all the movements have corresponding breathing technique to maximise breathing mechanics supporting greater lung capacity.

BBB excels in its approach to body awareness in motion, contributing toward good health on the inside and out and in all manner of ways. Come and experience this challenging and enjoyable form of exercise and self-discovery here at the Heene Community Centre. 

About your teacher – I have 21 years’ experience in Holistic Body Therapy and have taught dance and movement for 6 of those years, I have thousands of hours observing and supporting people’s movement through life metaphorically and physically and witness great results in bringing the joy, confidence and strength in movement back to them. 

Enjoy a realistic and enjoyable approach to movement & health.

I witness great joy in my students as they dance their way to health.

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  • Increase stamina.
  • Improve posture & body mechanics.
  • Gait and foot stability. Suppleness in spine.
  • Strong in back and core.
  • Breathe fully and free.
  • Enjoy your body in movement in new and exciting ways