Lumina Therapy

Hi, I’m Lumi, Master Energy Healer and intuitive coach, Theta Healing and Access Bars practitioner.
I help you to release the blockages (trauma, pain, fears, phobias…) that may stop you manifesting the life you want.
Theta healing is an energy healing modality, a process of meditation that creates physical, psychological and spiritual healing using the Theta brainwaves.
– heal deep emotional and physical issues including pain from trauma and abuse,
– dissolve limitations and embrace success in your personal and professional life,
– identifying  the blocking believes and instantly changing the believe system,
– finding the life purpose,
– healing the baby in the womb,
– intuitive body scanning,
– future readings,
– space healing,
– bringing back the soul fragments and healing the soul,
– connecting with the guardian angels,
– connecting with the ancestors  and many others.
Tuesdays 2pm – 6pm
At Heene Community Centre
Three sessions available:
2pm -3pm
3.30pm – 4.30pm
5pm – 6pm
Book a session sending a text to Lumi  @ tel 07407 048 913