Golden Swans

Mondays 10 – 11am

Monday 3rd October – 6 week course (with 1st week FREE)

Monday 14th November – 6 week course (with 1st week FREE for new clients starting only this course)

Ballet has always been my life’s passion and profession. It’s been my backbone for life, with its discipline and complete mindfulness, not to mention the inner joy and the sheer beauty of just moving a hand in space.

Dance, of course, is now proven to help with not only physical ailments but also various mental ones – dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s being obvious examples.

My other main therapies are Pilates and Feldenkrais, which I use in my own Worthing pilates studio to help maintain myself and others through life and its wee dramas! These exercise therapies will be mixed with dance and ballet barre and floor work in this exciting new Class, which will inspire people to become more supple, strong and comfortable in their own bodies, to help carry them through to a Golden Age . .

I wouldn’t contemplate paying for a block of classes before meeting and working with a new teacher, so my first class will be free. Then there’ll be a block of 5 paid for in advance. That’ll be followed by 6 more, which takes us all to Xmas! 

Ruth Prior

Formerly Scottish Ballet (Senior Soloist) and Vienna Festival Ballet (Principal)


07952 559590