Tarot Readings – 15 minute sessions



Jo is a naturally gifted psychic clairvoyant-medium and wellbeing therapist, friendly and down to earth, she is easy to talk to and has been described as “like talking to my favourite aunt”. She gives you guidance and reassurance to help with your problems and any negativity in your life. Jo has successfully helped clients for over 20 years. Feeling privileged to be able to work with her spirit guides and spirit, she loves talking for them and being able to tell people what they want them to know.

Being a wellbeing therapist, Jo helps people to go forward in their lives, leaving negativity behind and bringing positivity into their life. Together with Jo’s help, you can clear the fog from your vision. As a wellbeing therapist, Jo uses her experience to put together the best treatment plan for you moving forward, helping you to get through tough times.

Contact details:-

Mobile Number:    07743 234499 

Email:     info@jotownsend-wellbeing.co.uk 

Website:   https://jotownsend-wellbeing.co.uk/

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/jotownsendwellbeing/