Child Friendly Yoga for Busy Parents

Wednesdays 11:15 – 12

Life is BUSY.

And when you have children, it gets even busier…

So how are you going to find time to go to  yoga class when you can barely find time to wash your hair?!

SIMPLE! Bring the kids with you!

Ages 0-5 welcome.

What to expect:

      • Organised chaos at its finest. 

      • Laughter, friendliness. 

      • Tantrums, tears (yours and theirs).

      • A good old stretch out.

      • Maybe – just maybe – a little bit of quiet time for you and some headspace. 

      • Time to enjoy just ‘being’ with your child, with no expectation.

      • No frills. No fuss. No judgement. 


    Our classes are gentle enough to be accessible for a range of bodies – including pregnant and postpartum women (6+ weeks vaginal delivery or 8+ weeks C-section), but we also elevate the heart rate to feel challenged and build overall fitness.

    Our classes will:

    – tone tummy muscles

    – strengthen core

    – increase flexibility

    – boost mood and energy levels

    – improve sleep

    Mats, blocks and bolsters provided. There will also be a small selection of toys/books.

    You may wish to bring:

    – an extra layer for when we cool down during relaxation

    – a blanket or mat for your baby/child

    – entertainment/snacks for your little one (no screens please)

    How to book:

    1. reserve your space by contacting Lauren 07449974564 or

    2. choose pass:

        • £3 taster class (valid once)

        • 4 class passes for £24 (£6 per session; come when you like – doesn’t have to be consecutive weeks)

        • monthly membership £34 (£3 per session; attend any FriendlyYoga class all month)

      3. make payment card, cash, BACS (details will be provided at time of booking)