• It's walking distance from home. The cafe serves good food. There are lots of interesting activities Read More
  • The warm friendly support of the Friday Art Group
    Sheila Hughes
  • It's a proper multi-generational centre, for all sorts of people
  • Prices are reasonable and the cafe is good and staff are friendly
  • Ballroom & Latin Dancing. Let it never stop
    J.R.Steers & B. Dennis
  • There are so many activities and interests to join. It’s also a good place for making friends
    Janet Brown
  • Lovely company. Lovely staff. Lots of help and learning Italian. Thank you everyone
  • Helpful, very friendly, greet you with a smile. Always there to help. Just an amazing bunch of people
  • Friendly. Lots to do. Reasonable prices
    Kate Leader
  • The staff, the ambience and Cafe One22. Good parking too!
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